Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Painting Tracks

I was confined to quarters this morning and I looked over and saw my models abandoned months ago. Thought I'd do a bit of painting and thought I'd paint the tracks. I decided to start on the underside as I haven't done anything for months and I find it takes me a while to get my eye in.

I was trying to find a good rust colour and rejected Revell 83 in favour of this, generic Burnt Sienna. The Revell paint would have needed a special thinner and brush cleaner, whereas this one washes off with water.

The paint is years old, so it is thick and goopy and fills a lot of the holes as it paints. After the rust colour, I'll use a Gun Metal colour or a dark, steel grey, and after that I'll very sparingly highlight with silver.

I quite like the colour, but even if I didn't not much of it will be visible once I've added the other layers of paint.