Sunday, March 3, 2013

British in Gas Masks by Strelets

I was just passing the time, in my little room, and I ended up putting some paint on these

I used a very big brush and covered them with Reaper Master Series Green Ochre, that took about 5 minutes. Then I gave them a heavy brushing with some Sepia ink that I found in a box in my basement, that took about 5 minutes as well. Not bad for 10 minutes' work.

I don't usually paint figures, or perhaps I should say I haven't painted many figures. These probably bring my total up to about 12. I think the uniform is a good colour, but it looks as though the ink is going to stay glossy. I will try to fix that with some matte varnish.

Two weeks later...

The sepia ink didn't dry so I brushed over it with a brown wash. I made a start on the rifles but I don't like the colour I've used.

I have to say, I've made almost no effort to try to paint well with these figures. I didn't much like them and I was painting them in between other projects to see what various colours looked like. But they have grown on me. They're not the prettiest of figures, but they do have a certain charm.