Sunday, February 24, 2013

A 1/72 Tank Mark II

Just thought I'd try this. It's been playing on my mind ever since I noticed that the cab front from the Airfix kit is the same size as that from the Emhar kit.

The Airfix kit is really a Mark II, despite what it says on the box, so making a Tank Mark II has never been a problem. I have one I made years ago sitting on a windowsill collecting cobwebs. The problem is the kit is 1/76 scale, presumably because back in the olden days that was the size of the figures people used. Today's figures, however, are 1/72 and when placed in the vicinity of the Airfix tank make it look small.

The Emhar kit is 1/72, so no problem set beside figures. The two cabs shouldn't really be the same size, but they are. I don't know why I noticed it. So I sliced the Airfix cab front off (it is attached to the glacis) and glued it to the Emhar body. It took less than 3 minutes. I wasn't very careful, just wanted to get it going.

The two models assemble in different ways so there are some gaps, and it's not helped by my indifferent cutting and gluing skills. But I think it's going to work. A little bit of Green Stuff, a little bit of "mud", something to draw your attention elsewhere, and Robert is your mother's brother.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Molding and Casting with Oyumaru

I've just had my first go with Oyumaru. It really is as simple as all the videos say.

1. Get some Oyumaru:

2. Put it in hot water for a few minutes and it turns malleable. Press it over the object you want to copy (in this case, a 1/72 German Cavalry figure from LW):

3. Let it cool and harden, or run it under cold water for 30 seconds to harden. Remove the object. Mold is made:

4. Push Green Stuff into the mold. When the Green Stuff has hardened, remove it from the mold:

You're done.

I know I used too much Green Stuff, but it'll trim off. Just look at how much detail it captured!

Very pleased with this.